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Fairview Electronics Ltd is a UK based, independent electronic component distributor, focused on delivering an exceptional, competitive service.

Incorporated in January 2000, our wealth of experience and knowledge enables us to supply a wide range of components within the electronics industry, via our reputable franchised supply chain. Our strongest lines include Microchip, Altera, Atmel, Analogue Devices, Cypress, Texas Instruments, Micron and many more.

We specialise in obsolete, allocated, long lead time and hard to source electronic components, with the full confidence of BS EN IS09001:2015 accreditation.

Our aim is to make your life easier by supporting your existing supply chain, ensuring continued production by sourcing that almost impossible allocated, long lead time or obsolete component.

Our reliable, competitive service levels have been instrumental to the growth of our market share, ensuring repeat business from our broad base of worldwide customers.

We look forward to complimenting your supply chain in the future.

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